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Since 2009, we have been driven by

one guiding principle:

To deliver clean, effective, luxury and cruelty-free skin care solutions for all.

Our skincare products are designed to work with all skin tones and skin types, women and men.

They deliver real results that can be seen and felt, without side effects.

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Our products include supercharged concentrations of thoroughly researched and clinically proven actives to support your skin’s ability to repair, regenerate,

and reset itself.

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What you put on your skin is just important as what you put in your body. As pioneers in clean skin care, we've always prioritized the use of the purest ingredients for the skin.

We formulate to the highest standards in the world, European Union standards, avoiding over 1500 questionable ingredients, to ensure our products are safe for our bodies and our planet. But clean means more to us than ingredients. We’re also committed to reducing waste and lightening our carbon footprint.

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We are always using the highest  quality and purest  ingredients to develop our product.


We believe that skin care should be the ultimate sensory experience.


From beautiful product textures to elegant packagings, our skincare is a luxurious experience unlike any other.

All our skincare products are 

Made in France.

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We are committed to conceiving clean uncompromising skincare.


APOTCARE is PETA-certified as cruelty-free. We vow never to test on animals, only on humans.


We want to contribute to the health of the planet as well as the health of your skin, so we use 100% recycled paper and recyclable glass packaging for our products.

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